Teacher Professional Development

Online modules

Ongoing Enrollment

6-month access

2022-2023 Term

Price: $150.00

Course Description

This series provides teachers with six foundational frameworks and instructional supports to improve students’ learning beyond classroom walls. Teachers will create a framework of each by the end of each module.

Earns 18 Professional Growth Points/Development Hours.

Learning Objectives

Teachers will create one of each by the end of each module:

A.) engagement framework

B.) classroom channel and instructional video(s)

C.) communication action plan

D.) sample assessment instruments;

E.) informal professional network

F.) remote access plan. Modules provide scaffolded learning to create an accessible extension of your classroom.

Enroll individual teachers or talk to us about our group licensing contract agreements! Email amy.barsha@bsu.edu for details.


Contact Us

Email: lifetimelearning@bsu.edu
Phone: 765-285-8565

Materials Provided

Each module in this course contains text, videos, photos, reflection questions, and several assignments.

Measure of Performance

Earns certificate of completion. Earns 18 Professional Growth Points/Development Hours.

Course Requirements

For teacher candidates, in-service teachers, and post-secondary faculty instructors.


If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please fill out the self-disclosure form. The Office of Disability Services coordinates services for students with disabilities. Documentation of a disability needs to be on file in that office before any accommodations can be provided.

Price: $150.00