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Part 2 Modules 4 - 6

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Course Description

Each a micro-credential by choosing from various modules that offer interactive instruction, exercies, cultural competency lessons, and built-in assessments. Increase your awareness of Hispanic cultures related to healtcare, including understanding of cultural differences between Spanish and English speaking regions.


Module 4: Introducation to Formal and Informal Commands

  • Identify and use (in speech and writing) both formal and informal commands
  • Know when to use each level of formality
  • Create a list of useful, frequently-used verbs and commands for your specific medical setting

Module 5:  Numbers

  • Read, write, and produce numbers 0-2,000+
  • Understand and use numbers in a variety of situations within the healthcare setting
  • Link numbers to specific formats of their use according to sets of numerical information (i.e. telephone numbers, addresses, vital signs, test results, patient instructions, etc.).

Module 6: Latino Cultural Values and Common Folk Illnesses and Treatments

  • Identify and anticipate Latino cultural values (norms, attitudes, and perspective), religious beliefs, and behavioral patterns and how they relate or contrast with Western biomedicine.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation, sensitivity, and understanding of Latino health perceptions and the use of folk medicine and natural or home remedies.
  • Recognize contemporary issues that impact the Latino population in the United States and consider how these dynamics issues impact patient health outcomes.
  • Understand the importance of providing culturally competent care to Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Establish a positive rapport with Latino patients through respectful, professioinal relationship-building.

Learning Objectives

This program is adaptable to various skill ranges, from learners with minimal formal training in Spanish to (aspiring) certified bilingual healthcare professionals and medical interpreters.

Topics are covered in Spanish and English:

  • cultural factors
  • health and wellness
  • risk factors
  • disease prevention
  • healthy lifestyles

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Materials Provided

Each module of this course contains text, images, and vocabulary reflections intended to help the learner practice with the material.

Measure of Performance

Certificate of Completion

Course Requirements

The program is designed for individual learners and/or companies in medical and health related fields. Pre-professionals/undergraduate students, graduate students and working healthcare professionals with a minimum of SP 102 or proven equivalent of language ability; however, a Bachelor's degree is not required and the program could be marketed to anyone with or without a higher education degree. The intended audience is for adults:
  • who wish to upskill in a current job
  • seeking promotion
  • returning to the workforce
  • preparing for a career switch
  • undergraduate students seeking to use Spanish in the workplace


Price: $150.00