Leadership Skills Course


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Price: $500.00

Course Description

While others approach leadership and innovation through the lens of a business strategy mindset only, this program approaches these topics from a more comprehensive perspective that includes business strategy, audience understanding, culture and system development, and organizational communication.

Rather than focusing on conceptual models, it focuses on practical, immediately implementable techniques and processes for building, facilitating and leading product and service and creating a culture of innovation. A cross-functional approach will also provide instruction in all of the critical strategies, skills, and perspectives that leaders need to successfully bridge the gap between aspirations and execution.

Learning Objectives

This course will examine what it takes to build and sustain an organizational culture focused on catalyzing innovation. What are key culture values and practices that different organizations stitch together to create a successful innovation ecosystem? We will look at the specific actions leaders can take and at systems and strategies you can use to foster innovation.   Within the larger framework of culture, we will also explore tactical tools used to facilitate creativity and the design of novel solutions. We will look at:

  • Defining opportunities and solvable problems
  • Communication strategies for fostering innovation
  • Systems and strategies for ideation and brainstorming
  • Identifying, characterizing, and empathizing with your audience
  • Rapid prototyping processes, tools, and feedback

Contact Us

Email: lifetimelearning@bsu.edu
Phone: 765-285-8565

Materials Provided

Each module in this course contains text, videos, photos, reflection questions, and several assignments.

Measure of Performance

Micro-credential certification

Course Requirements

Leaders across a wide variety of disciplines, including professionals in:

  • Information technology
  • Media and communications
  • Current Ball State graduate students who wish to supplement their degree programs
Price: $500.00