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Course Description

Prepare to pass your LSW/LCSW social work licensing exam with LEAP! LEAP has the highest pass rates in the industry and has helped over 65,000 social workers. The licensing exams are very challenging, and it is very expensive to retake the exam. Moreover, you must wait three months in between exams if you don’t pass. Let’s pass the first time!! Materials are available for each licensing exam level.

Learning Objectives

  • A fundamental understanding of the format of the social work licensing exams
  • A review of test strategies with a focus on identifying relevant details and qualifying words
  • Independent video and study guide review. These materials cover key concepts in ALL four exam content areas, including:
    • (1) Human development; diversity; behavior in the environment.
    • (2) Assessment; intervention planning; diagnosis; treatment planning
    • (3) Intervention with clients; psychotherapy; case management
    • (4) Professional relationships, values and ethics

 - A 50-question, online mini-exam will be utilized as a learning assessment tool for participants. Grading will be provided.


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Materials Provided

The course includes:

  • 6-month access to LEAP’s highly successful, SW licensing exam professional video course
  • 6-months access to LEAP’s 400-page, comprehensive study guide (hardcopy upgrade available)
  • A 2-month and a 3-month daily study plan for registrants
  • A one hour, group kick-off night with test strategy and insider tips with the LEAP CEO
  • Free video and eBook renewal for any registrant who does not pass with exam. (Expires 1 year after the course start to avoid misuse.)

Video Details: Includes test-taking strategies AND an intensive review of ALL CONTENT AREAS of the exam. The video course is available 24/7 and can be viewed repeatedly! It was filmed by an award-winning, production company in the Cox studio. The video is delivered by two professional LEAP presenters with an interactive dialog format. Participants have the advantage of watching the video course repeatedly to solidify knowledge. The course can be put on a any mobile device and listened to like an audio for learning on-the-go. The video course with LEAP Comprehensive Study Guide offers the greatest discount. Participants may utilize up to two viewing devices for greater flexibility (e.g. PC, iPad, phone, etc.). The LEAP video course is the ONLY professionally produced social work licensing exam prep video course on the market.

Measure of Performance

Certificate of completion.

Course Requirements

Please check your state licensure website for specific requirements to sit for the exam.

Price: $299.00