Skills Certification

Ball Pool 6-8 pm then ROTC classroom in BG 8-10 pm

Wednesdays 6-10 pm, March 13 – April 24

7 Weeks

Sheli Plummer, Ryan Plummer & Carol Reed

Spring 2024

Price: $360.00

Course Description

Earn world-wide respected scuba diving certification through our education-oriented classes. Your certification will never expire. When certified through Underwater Service and BSU Lifetime Learning, you will be a Scuba Educators International Diver. SEI was founded in 2008, and was formerly the YMCA Scuba program. Compared to other agencies, our SEI Diving courses emphasize comprehensive diving knowledge and the opportunity for intensive skills practice. Both in the pool and open water. New divers are able to enjoy the underwater world from the very first dives. Questions can be emailed directly to instructor, Sheli Plummer at

Classroom: This 7 week course meets once a week for four hours. Two hours are spent in the classroom and two hours are spent in the pool. During these 7 weeks students will learn the importance of dive safety, dive planning, physiology of the human body, marine life and environment, and so much more. A comprehensive exam at the end will ensure all students are equipped with the knowledge to be safe divers.

Pool: The pool sessions are designed to gradually increase the student’s confidence in the water. Students will learn gear assembly, buoyancy, safety and lifesaving skills. Each session students will learn new skills and become more comfortable in the water.

Open Water: Training dives will take place after the 7-weeks of classroom and pool sessions. They are scheduled at the students’ convenience either through Underwater Service or at another location with a referral.

Additional Costs Include:

  • Mask, Fins, and Snorkel – Underwater Service provides the needed scuba equipment throughout the course, but we require our students to purchase their own mask, fins, and snorkel – the most personal gear. The cost for this ranges from $100 to $400.
  • Certification dives - $200 (includes equipment rental, quarry entrance fees, instructor compensation, and certification fee) if you dive locally through Underwater Service. Other location costs vary widely. Training dives will take place after the 7-weeks of classroom and pool sessions. They are scheduled at the students’ convenience either through Underwater Service or at another location with a referral.

Contact Us

Phone: 765-285-8565

Course Requirements

  • Minimum age 18 yrs old
  • Complete a medical questionnaire.
  • Complete a swimming ability test. Including underwater swim, surface swim and treading/survival floating exercise.

Instructor Bios

Sheli Plummer is Associate Lecturer of Kinesiology and has been teaching here at BSU for 10 yrs. She began her scuba journey in 1996 as a BSU senior, enrolling in the Scuba Instruction Minor. She now teaches courses in Physical and Health Teacher Education, Physical Fitness and Wellness, and Aquatics/Scuba diving. Before beginning at BSU, she worked as a scuba instructor in Key Largo, FL for 3 years, an Aquatics/Sports Director at the YMCA for 5 years, and then after moving back to Indiana, taught Middle School PE and Health for 8 years. Sheli has a Bachelors in General Studies from BSU (1997), Bachelors of Science in PE (K-8 and 6-12) from Florida International University (2001), and Masters of Arts in Physical Education from BSU (2013). She is an Instructor Trainer for Scuba Educators International since 1997.

Ryan Plummer began diving in 2005. He is a Detective with the Muncie Police Department and serves at the Dive Team Leader. He’s been with MPD for 10 years. Previously he began a Public Safety Dive Team with the Lagrange County Sheriff’s Department where he was a deputy for 7 years. Before that, Ryan served in the US Army Infantry Division. He’s been an instructor with Scuba Educators since 2008 and taught classes for the Public Safety Dive Teams and with Underwater Service, BSU Outdoor Pursuits, as well as the YMCA.

Carol Reed has been diving since 1979 and a Scuba Instructor-Trainer since 1986, beginning in the YMCA Scuba program, then transitioning to the Scuba Educators International program in 2008. She has taught various scuba courses at local YMCAs, Anderson University, and beginning in 1992, Ball State University. Carol retired from Ball State’s School of Kinesiology in 2018 after 26 years teaching courses in the Aquatics/Scuba Diving and Physical Fitness/Wellness programs. She most enjoyed following, training, and mentoring newly certified BSU divers who desired to progress to SEI’s Scuba Leadership courses. Carol still teaches classes for Leaird’s Underwater Service and helps with BSU classes as needed. Carol has a Bachelor’s (1971) and Masters (1975) from Ball State.

Price: $360.00