(1st classroom) ROTC classroom in BG 7-8 pm, (2nd classroom) Ball Pool 8-9 pm

Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Sheli Plummer, Ryan Plummer & Carol Reed

One Day Event

Price: $20.00

I Tried Scuba

Explore the underwater world and experience the magic of scuba diving in the pool to see if you would like to take the full course. You will be under the close supervision of certified and insured scuba instructors from Leaird’s Underwater Service and Scuba Educators International. Participants will spend a short time in the classroom gaining insight into the safety and enjoyment of scuba diving as well as requirements for the full certification course and then enjoy an underwater tour of the pool.

Spring 2024 Dates

  • Wednesday, January 31
  • ROTC Classroom 7pm-8pm
  • BALL Pool 8pm-9pm

Course Cost

$20 payable to Lifetime Learning

Price: $20.00